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Pavel Valla Bertin

Meet the incredible act of Pavel Valla Bertini, the unicycle master! Enjoy his mind-blowing show starting with a standard wheel and gradually increasing until he controls... 15 wheels! Everything between jumps and daring backflips.

Circus Vazquez

Our Show

We introduce the Bingo Troupe, the world renowned team of circus and variety artists
from Kiev, Ukraine. With 27 years of experience in the performing arts world, the Bingo style has conquered the public and juries of many circus tournaments, and now under our tent, it will leave you speechless!

Camila Palma

And now... Camila Palma, the swinging trapeze artist straight from Chile! Flying over 25 feet without a safety net and almost reaching the top of the circus tent, she will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Teeterboard Legion M

The millennial Asian circus tradition continues with Teeterboard Legion M. Ten acrobats trained at the Mongolian circus school from a very young age, ready to amaze you with their incredible acrobatic skills... They will blow your mind!

Reyes Brother's

From Chile, enjoy a true classic: the Reyes Brothers Juggling Act. These South-American artists' unique abilities pull off tricks you need to see to believe. They'll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Hasan Ansari

Hasan is a young Indian acrobat. He performs fantastic and high-risk acrobatic routines on Pole Mallakhamb and other dangerous elements. We are pleased to have him on our team for this year's tour. Come to get thrilled with their acrobatics under our tent!

Semen Shuster, aka "Housch-ma-Housch," is an eccentric clown born in early 1972 in Izmail, Ukraine. In 1992, he graduated from the world famous Kyiv Circus School, and by 2000, he settled with his family in Germany. You will love his silly, absurd humor.

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