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Liazeed Angels

Witness the Liazeed Angels' dazzling journey from the gymnastics mat to the big circus ring. These athletes, led by former tightrope walker Zaida Liazeed and featuring Olympic gold medalist Natalia Kapitonova, showcase their exceptional all-around skills, conquering stages and television shows through a delightful fusion of gymnastics and entertainment. Don't miss

Circus Vazquez

Our Show

Meet the Bingo Troupe, a world-renowned team of circus and variety artists from Kiev, Ukraine.
With an impressive 27 years of experience in the performing arts world, the Bingo style has triumphed at numerous circus tournaments and is now set to leave you speechless under our tent!

Jan & Carolina

Prepare for an extraordinary experience with Jan & Carolina! This dynamic duo, part of the renowned Vázquez family, delivers a thrilling, energy-packed performance that blends outstanding balance and maximum adrenaline. Dedicated to preserving the circus art and culture tradition, Jan & Carolina promise to captivate you with their mesmerizing act!

Duo Vanegas From Colombia (Wheel of Wonder)

Colombian daredevils Ricardo and Alejandro defy gravity on the Wheel of Wonder, a rotating
device reaching over 30 feet in height. This dynamic duo performs daring somersaults, jumps rope, and acrobatics, creating one of the most thrilling circus acts. With a mix of daring and adrenaline, their performance promises to keep your heart racing. Don't miss the spectacle!

Bone Breakers

Prepare to be thrilled by The Bone Breakers! Hailing from Guinea, Africa, this exceptional artistic group will fill your heart with joy and amazement. They'll leave you in awe with unmatched rhythm, strength, and flexibility. Despite their name, the Bone Breakers perform with cheerfulness, ensuring an edge-of-your-seat experience. Don't miss it!

José Alberto Vazquez - Juggler

Get ready to be amazed by the one and only José Alberto Vázquez! Hailing from Mexico City, he's a true juggling virtuoso with over two decades of experience in the circus world. A master of his craft, José's jaw-dropping skills will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Meet Boris, an acclaimed comedian, clown, and handstander. Born into a family of circus performers, Boris started entertaining audiences at age 4. With awards from international festivals, he's now bringing laughter and joy to American audiences, fulfilling his dream since

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